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How to choose an engagement ring

22 October 2021

When you found the love of your life, all you need to do is letting her, or him, know. There is never been, nor will there be,  a better way of doing so by showing a stunning engagement ringBut how to pick the right one? Follow these advices and you will be sure the answer will be: YES!

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

When choosing an engagement ring, the main focus should always be on the high standards of the stones and crafts involved. Always prefer quality over quantity. It will be the most important jewel of your life together with the wedding ring

By keeping that in mind, multiple options regarding the design and the gem can be considered. You can keep it simple and classic with a  solitaire diamond ring, or maybe think out of the box and prefer coloured precious stones.

But always remember, it will be an everlasting gift.

How to choose a diamond engagement ring

When it comes to purchasing diamond jewellery, always refer to jewellers who have your full trust. Unfortunately diamonds are  one of the goods which most commonly can lead to frauds and counterfeiting.

Always choose retailers who provide gemological certificates from recognised laboratories where you can clearly evaluate the 4 c’s of the diamond. 

Not sure how to choose a diamond ring?
Check our free guide on the characteristics of a diamond here. 

Here are all our solitaire rings:

How much do you spend on an engagement ring

Diamond prices can vary greatly when the carat weight of the gem gets higher. The combination of cut, color, clarity and carat weight will result in the final price of the diamond

When looking for the right engagement ring always look for high craftsmanship, both in the stone cutting as in the setting manufacture.
The cost for the ring will differ also depending on how many and which type of precious stones the jewel will be embellished with. A Diana ring with an unheated ruby central will for sure more expensive that a similar one with a treated gem.

How to choose the right engagement ring for her

First of all, be sure to choose the right ring size for your fiancé. If you have trouble with that, don’t forget to check our article on how to correctly measure the finger ring size. You should than consider your lady’s personality: is she a traditional type, or a more innovative one?

If the latter is the case, why not add some colour to your proposal, with one of the following precious stones rings:

How to choose an engagement ring for a man

At INTINI Jewels we support love in all of its forms, and we strongly embrace gender equality by proposing designs for all kinds of relationships. You can think of combining the engagement ring for your man with his zodiac sign, making sure your marriage will be a lucky one. 

If you want to know which gem is associated with each sign, you can download our Lucky Gemstones guide here.

Which hand is engagement ring worn and which finger does the engagement ring go on?

The choice for which ginger to choose for wearing the engagement ring depends mainly on the country. In many Western traditions, with the exception of Germany, Spain and Greece, the engagement ring is usually wore on the fourth left finger, as this seems to be directly connected to the vein leading to the heart.

In other cultures, most notably Russia and India, such piece of jewellery is usually put on the right hand instead. Wherever you are, remember to not take off your engagement ring before the wedding, to avoid bad luck.

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