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How to Wear a Brooch?

19 December 2021

Brooch is one of the most classic and timeless accessories that you can wear repeatedly and always look great. The brooch comes in and out of the fashion, but one thing is for sure that they will never go out of style. The brooch can be paired with any clothing style, but first, you will need to know how you can use it or style it for different occasions. Brooches are statement pieces not only for special occasions but for your daily wear or ensembles too.

Brooch is a sophisticated piece that can bring class and elegance to any dull outfit. They are the jewels of your outfits and can never be outdated. There are a lot of ways you can wear or style them i.e singly, in pairs, or in a cluster. Brooch not only enhances your overall look but makes your personality more charming and attractive.

If you have old brooches in your jewelry box and can’t think of any ideas about how to style them, here are some ideas on how you can wear a brooch.

You can take inspiration from the ideas below, and style with your different outfits and accessories, and give them a personality of their own:


1- On Your Jacket, Blazer, Or Coat:

This is a traditional style of wearing a brooch. You can wear a single brooch or in small clusters on the left or right side of the collar of the jacket opening. You can choose a simple or fancy brooch design according to your style or also wear a heavy one.

2- Make A Statement On Your Denim Jacket Or Jeans: 

Denim jackets are always in style and fashion. And the brooch is always the best idea to style them, and it never goes out of fashion in any season or year. And the good thing is you can place/pin your brooch anywhere on your jacket. You can style that on your denim jacket’s collar, pocket, or all over your jacket. You can also turn your boring jeans into chic and funky styles. Style little or small brooch at either side of your pocket jeans or on the thighs.

Coral Flower Brooch

3- Style It On Your Bag or Clutch:

You can use your brooch on your plain bags or clutches to make them look chic. You can put brooch on your simple bags for any occasion and make a statement. Brooches on your leather or silk clutches look really nice and elegant. Whether you are going to a wedding, party, or any simple occasion, your bag will add more personality to your overall look.

Mosquito Ruby Brooch

4- Add Elegance To Your Hat Or Cap or Sweater:

Brooches are a great way to style your hat or caps. A simple brooch can enhance your cap or hat’s style and appearance. Sweaters are also a good way to style with brooches. Even your simple sweater can look expensive with just a single Brooch or cluster. Your simple or plain sweater can look expensive and chic within a budget by just adding a nice brooch.

Diamonds and Sapphires Flower Brooch

5- Brooch On Your Dress:

Brooches are the best way to add a touch of elegance to formal and casual dresses. Brooches are best suited for farewell gowns, wedding gowns, and even simple or casual dresses. You can style a brooch on the shoulder of the dress, on the belt, or on the side of the dress covering your waist, or on either side of your chest.

Yellow Sapphires Luxury Brooch

6- Place Your Brooch At The Center Of Your Gown Or Shirt:

If you are wearing a plain gown or dress, style your brooch at the center of your neck to make a statement. You can embellish your plain or simple dress by pinning a brooch at the center of the collar or in the center of the neckline. IF you are wearing a strapless gown then you can pin a brooch at the center or at either side of the waist.

7- Make Your Shoes Stand Out With A Brooch:

You can put your brooch on your flat sandals, joggers, heels, or loafers. Single brooch or small clusters, both will give your shoes a fancy look. You can personalize your dull shoes with just a brooch. Amazing isn’t it?

8- Turn Your Brooch Into A Pendant Or Statement Necklace:

Don’t have a fancy necklace or pendant to match your dress? Don’t worry, you can make a pendant or necklace just from a brooch. Take out your brooch from your jewelry box and attach it with a chain, and voila you got a new and trendy necklace at home.

Sapphire Flower Brooch

Buying guide for brooch:

1- Know your style and personality and choose a brooch that fits your personality and is according to your preference.

2- You can make a statement even with a little or smaller brooch, there is no need to buy a large brooch to make a statement. But, it all depends on your liking. Choose whatever best suits you. But if you like minimalism, then a smaller brooch is best for you.

3- Don’t hesitate to style your old brooches. The brooch can never go out of style, especially the antique ones. They are a classic.

4- Choose a brooch that grabs the attention.

5- Don’t hesitate to buy something colorful. The colorful brooch can add the needed colors to your boring outfits or accessories.

6– Don’t hesitate to wear a brooch on other accessories. Brooch is surely the best fit for clothing, but Brooch is so versatile that you can style it on any accessory. Think out of the box and style them on different accessories, and you won’t regret it.

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