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Properties and meaning of Amethyst, the February Birthstone

14 February 2022

Are you a February baby with an undying love for gemstones? Or may be, you really wanna know more about your birthstone? If your answer is affirmative then rejoice, for you have landed on the right page. We, at Intini, have rolled up our sleeves to present you with a detailed blog on the beautiful lilac coloured February birthstone – the ever so famous – Amethyst. This blog accompanies all the bits you must know about this gleaming gemstone, from its meaning and properties to its benefits and color composition. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Amethyst – The February Birthstone

One of the most well known semi-precious gemstone, Amethyst, is famous for its world of variation in dazzling color tones. With its varying range of pink and deep purple hues, the gemstone stands out to be the most loved companion of February lads. Well, are you one of them? Or is someone closer to your heart, a February born? Now you know what birthstone you have been graced with, so wear it with confidence and make the most out of its magnificent properties!

Meaning of Amethyst

The eye catching purple gemstone has all the positive notions attached to it. Possessing a long history of meanings and properties, Amethyst is believed to bring the purest aspirations to human kind. This bewitching crystal stone largely serves as a symbol of protection and security as it is believed to relieve grief and sorrow with its soothing presence. It channels love and affection into one’s life and brings a surprisingly blooming impact in everyday affairs.

Amethyst derives its meaning from Greek word ‘ametusthos’ which translates as ‘not intoxicated’. For this reason alone, the Greeks adorned this stone with the belief that it will prevent drunkenness and overindulgence. You know an astounding fact? The Greeks even carved out drinking vessels from this stone.

The violet crystal has several meanings and legends associated with it. In ancient Chinese culture, Amethyst was used to get rid of negative energy. Chinese traditionalists wore this gemstone to drive away the perils of everyday life. During ancient wars, soldiers carried this gemstone with them due to the strong belief in its protective nature. The belief in the healing and protective capabilities of Amethyst are not limited to just Greek and Chinese culture instead, cultures all around the world are drawn to the mesmerising ability of this beautiful gemstone to provide protection and healing. The mystical gem, dear February folks, has all the affirmative qualities and meanings affiliated with it – so if you really want to get yourself a jewel piece with a precious gemstone this month, make sure to buy a nice amethyst ring or amethyst necklace.

Properties of Amethyst

The February birthstone is ever so famous for its healing properties. This gemstone is referred as the ‘Master Healer’ among all gemstones. Amazing, isn’t it? We have created a round up of some astonishing properties of the purple hued stone for you – here, let’s give it a read!

  • A stress reliever – Are you stressed, strained or going through severe mood swings? Well, this natural tranquilliser is what you should be using to calm and soothe yourself.
  • A spiritual anecdote – The stone is famous for its spiritual properties. It has tremendous capabilities to detoxify a person and their habits. Wondering about the outcome? Well, it cleanses the soul by enhancing the psychic abilities of the person who wears it.
  • A protective gemAmethyst possesses supreme qualities to stimulate positive bodily reactions and thus, keeps a person focused and invested in their surroundings. In case of overindulgence, it protects its wearer from perilous addictions.
  • A peaceful sleep inducer – Are you a February born with insomniac tendencies? Well, your birthstone is the ultimate solution to get plentiful amounts of peaceful sleep. Even better is the fact that it helps one with remembering and understanding their dreams. It helps develop a healthy sleep cycle, usually revolving around the ideal 8 hours sleep requirement. Magical, isn’t it?
  • A hormone producer – Did you know that Amethyst serves as an active hormone producer? Yes! It helps with boosting one’s immunity by balancing the endocrine system with healthy hormones.
  • A temperature adjustable stone – Among its surprising properties is the tendency of Amethyst to adjust its temperature to one’s body. Doing so empowers the stone to provide body with whatever it needs for healing.

Amethyst Zodiac Sign

Hey, are you looking to find the perfect crystal match based on your zodiac sign? Look no far because we’re here to help you out! For people with Zodiac signs including Aries, Aquarius and Pisces, the right crystal match is Amethyst. Looking to enjoy the protective and healing properties of Amethyst? Adorn this dazzling gemstone carved in the shape of a ring. Oh, for even chic look, get yourself nice Amethyst dangling earrings this February.

The stunning color composition of Amethyst

Do you often fond yourself marvelling over the stunning color composition of this purple toned crystal? We all have mostly seen this beautiful crystal quartz in purple color, but did you know that this stone comes in a broad spectrum of colors? Yes, you heard it right! The purple color wheel of Amethyst carries an extensive round of color tones – from palest shade of lilac to the blackest tone of purple. Embodying multiple eye-catching color tones, Amethyst is a league in its own! The presence of iron impurities in the crystal quartz gives it the beautiful purple color. As surprising as it sounds, jewelers often make this stone undergo a radiation treatment wherein the purple shade of the stone is transformed into a warm hue of orange or even light green – making it the ‘green amethyst’. All in all, despite these variations, the most desirable color tone of Amethyst continues to be the ever so stunning deep purple one.

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