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Radiant Chain Earrings


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Exclusive dangle earrings. High jewellery Made in Italy, featuring top quality precious stones.

• 18 karat yellow gold, 4 g
• Pink Coral drop shape 2.9 x 0.9 x 0.68 cm each, 29 carats total. (Corallium Elatius, Japan)
• Violet Tourmaline drop shape 0.9 x 0.7 cm , 8 carats total
• Emerald 0.3 x 0.4 cm , 2 carats total
• Total length 7.1 cm
• Total weigth 11.6 g, each earring 5.8 g

At Intini Jewels we are committed to provide a unique luxury experience, through jewelry designed by us and inspired by beauty and authenticity.

An enchanted and radiant dangle drop earring. 18 karat yellow gold jewel highlighted by a light pink coral tear gem. Holded by a delicate gold chain that sustains a tourmaline and a light green emerald. Small carved gold details decorated the antique design jewel. Our italian jewelers love to mix color, textures that evoke human beauty and nature’s essence.

This piece of jewelry is inspired by what Italians call the jewel of mangiare, which means the exquisite and unique feeling of eating. Eating according to this culture not only nourishes the body but also nourishes the spirit. This is why it is so important not only to eat natural and good tasting food but also to take the time to talk and share with your loved ones while you do it. If you do, your mind will generate feelings of joy that will translate into a thousand green, pink, purple colors in different shapes and textures. Dare to feel infinite bliss through your traditional Italian jewelry.




Precious Stones

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Pink coral

Pink coral: a unique and elegant material

Pink coral, a variant of the more known and common red coral, is a wonderful material utilised for the creation of precious, elegant and high quality jewellery. Pink coral’s delicate colour donates even more elegance to classy jewellery, giving birth to masterpieces to be worn as art jewellery.

Pink coral: Intini Jewels’ most requested

At Intini Jewels you can find the best coral jewellery, unique pieces realised with passion and expert craftsmanship. Discover our full collection of pink coral jewellery: from the more simple ones, ideal for a daily use, to the more elegant and elaborated ones for your special occasion:

Red coral, the colour of excellence

If you prefer classical red coral jewellery, at Intini you can find a huge selection of jewellery in such material: discover all the collection.


Emerald is the standard gift for the 20th anniversary, and the lucky birthstone of May. Emerald is one of the most desirable gemstones, the rich green variety of beryl, and it has always been one of the main actors in many iconic jewellery pieces.


There are more than 30 mineral species in the Tourmaline group. Native Americans have used pink and green tourmalines as funeral gifts for centuries. This colourful gemstone, in some of its tonality, is the favourite gift for the 8th year of wedding.

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