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Freshwater Pearls Necklace


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This epic statement necklace is an outstanding display of color and Italian craftsmanship where freshwater pearls, coral and chrysoprase melt in one-of-a-kind piece.

• 925 sterling silver lobster closure
• Freshwater pearls, coral, chrysoprase
• Total weight 82 g
• Length 46 cm

At Intini Jewels we are committed to provide a unique luxury experience, through jewelry designed by us and inspired by beauty and authenticity.

Comfortable sterling silver lobster closure. This necklace is inspired by the colors of the nature. The subtle tones give an extraordinary look that matches any outfit and can be worn at any time of the day.

There are innumerable beliefs and myths about pearls. During Ancient Greek days, the myth was that pearls were the gods’ tears. It was also believed that if a woman wore pearls on her wedding day, it would stop her from crying. Hindu folklore is a bit different describing the gems as drops of dew that dropped from the sky during the nighttime, into the moonlit ocean. The only known truth is that they are one of the most unique and mystical gems, and are essential for any jewel collection. Be part of our unique and modern wrap around Intini Jewels Necklaces.

Weight 82 g
Dimensions 46 cm



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Precious Stones

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Pink coral

Pink coral: a unique and elegant material

Pink coral, a variant of the more known and common red coral, is a wonderful material utilised for the creation of precious, elegant and high quality jewellery. Pink coral’s delicate colour donates even more elegance to classy jewellery, giving birth to masterpieces to be worn as art jewellery.

Pink coral: Intini Jewels’ most requested

At Intini Jewels you can find the best coral jewellery, unique pieces realised with passion and expert craftsmanship. Discover our full collection of pink coral jewellery: from the more simple ones, ideal for a daily use, to the more elegant and elaborated ones for your special occasion:

Red coral, the colour of excellence

If you prefer classical red coral jewellery, at Intini you can find a huge selection of jewellery in such material: discover all the collection.


Chrysoprase is one of the most sough-after varieties of chalcedony, thanks to the exceptional quality of its green colour. Its the zodiac stone for libra, and is a gem that calms emotions and gives a clear sight for those wearing it.


Pearls are natural gems produced by the pearl oyster and the freshwater pearl mussel. Pearls represent purity and innocence, and are the lucky gemstone for June.

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