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Tennis Bracelet: How To Wear It?

16 May 2022

Bracelets have remained a favorite accessory of women for centuries. It is not uncommon for one to see beautiful bracelets adorning the wrist of ladies – from work meetings to bold gala nights, there is a different bracelet style for every occasion. From casual beads bracelets to more sophisticated diamond tennis ones, there is a whole variety of this jewelry piece to enhance the look of its wearer.

Is it often that you find yourself admiring the most graceful style of bracelets – the tennis bracelet? Have you ever wondered how the tennis bracelet got its name? Well, we’re sure your curiosity must’ve been piqued by this elegant accessory! Follow this article to get the answer to all your questions about tennis bracelets.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Dear folks, to put it very simply, tennis bracelet is a kind of bracelet embodying a symmetrical pattern of the sparkling diamonds. By symmetrical, we mean that all the diamonds in these bracelets are of the same size, shape, cut, and clarity. Surprising, isn’t it? Although variations may occur in the way the bracelet is designed but the same classic ideation will be reflected in each meticulously designed tennis bracelet. Originally named as ‘line diamond bracelets’ these timeless wrist-pieces are an epitome of eloquent design philosophy and beauty.

Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

The line diamond bracelets got their present name back in 1987 during the US open when the world-famous tennis star, Chris Evert, lost her dazzling George Bedewi bracelet in the middle of the match. Well, you must be astounded to know that the event led to the halt of this specific match and a subsequent search operation was launched to locate this valuable bracelet. Evert, who loved to carry a sports-luxe look, was fortunate enough to have found her bracelet which fell from her wrist because of a broken clasp. This, right here, was the moment when the famous tennis player replaced the name ‘line diamond bracelets’ with ‘tennis bracelet’. Oh, and you’d be surprised to know that the market was quick to rename this style of bracelet to make an iconic fashion statement.

How to wear Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is the perfect accessory to beautify your wrist. For the most comfortable fit, make sure that your bracelet sits lightly on the point where your wrist meets your hand.

There are multiple ways to style and stack it. In our expert opinion, tennis bracelets make a perfect match when worn on its own. It carries an unparalleled charm, making you stand out gracefully and elegantly. Trust us when we say, ‘a diamond tennis bracelet is a jewel piece from your collection that you will forever cherish for its versatility’. You can also style it in different ways and create a mixed metal contrast with other jewelry pieces. A pro-tip? Pair it with a plain clock face wristwatch so that it doesn’t take away the sparkle of your tennis bracelet.

How to choose Tennis Bracelet?

Do you find it difficult to choose a tennis bracelet that goes along with your styling philosophy? Fret not, for we’ve got you covered in this article!

When choosing a tennis bracelet, start with finding the perfect fit. Wondering about what a perfect fit is? Well, if you can easily slip your finger between your bracelet and wrist that’s when you know you have got what we call the ‘perfect fit’.

Finding the perfect fit is not enough, it’s also essential to have a tennis bracelet whose links are both flexible and durable. When picking your favorite tennis bracelet, make sure to move your arm and hands to see how the bracelet moves on your wrist. Does it move smoothly without any sticking points? If yes, get it for yourself!

Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds are forever. They are a magical gift from earth to humans. Their glaring sparkle is what gives jewelry a unique look to be treasured for life. A diamond tennis bracelet is a timeless jewel piece, perfect for all occasions. From glitzy weddings to casual meetings, you can wear it to any and every place without even a single second thought!

At Intini Jewels, we create gorgeous masterpieces that reflect the charm of Italian craftsmanship. Embedding top quality natural diamonds, our diamond tennis bracelet is a must-have accessory in your collection.


Black Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

Are you a fan of keeping precious and rare jewelry pieces? Here’s a real deal for you! Our black diamonds tennis bracelet is crafted with the rarest of black diamonds found only in a few locations across Brazil and Central Africa. This dazzling bracelet will surely woo everyone and convey an exclusive fashion statement about your exquisite styling taste.


Ruby Tennis Bracelet

Beyond the world of diamonds, tennis bracelets also make a beautiful accessory when embedding other precious gemstones. Our iconic ruby tennis bracelet exudes a bewitching aura, inspired by the passion and strength of rubies. This breathtaking jewel piece is just what you need to make your wrist look an absolute symbol of class and boldness!


Emerald Tennis Bracelet

Our emerald tennis bracelet embodies an evergreen design to enhance the look of your ensemble. Nestling rare emeralds in white gold, this stunning tennis bracelet promises to lend a simple yet chic look to your slender hand.


Explore our exclusive collection of captivating handcrafted tennis bracelets and get yourself a nice piece today. Got an idea to customise your tennis bracelet? Contact the experts at Intini Jewels and let us work our magic!

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