All Website trademarks, domain names, company names and logos, such as any other contents belong to INTINI S.r.l. and are copyrighted and therefore protected by applicable copyright and intellectual property national and international laws. It is expressly forbidden their unauthorized reproduction and copy, or any not specifically authorized download or reuse and any other operation that could damage intellectual property rights belonging to the author of the uploaded content itself.

Moreover, please notice that in the Website could be present trademarks, domain names, company names and logos belonging to third party with whom INTINI S.r.l. collaborates, so also these abovementioned trademarks, domain names, company names and logos are protected and copyrighted under the applicable law.

It shall be considered as Website contents, including but not limited to:

  • Works, texts, tagline, headline payoff or claim and slogan;
  • music or playbacks;
  • diagrams, charts and databases;
  • images, pictures, photographs and videos, layout and graphic reproduction, tools, font and colours.

Every Website content is for personal use, research or teaching purpose only and is shall not be used for any direct or indirect commercial purpose, providing that it shall be noticed that the rights holder and the contents shall not be modified.

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