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The stages of creation

The Idea

Your inspiration is the starting for creating YOUR jewel, as unique as you are. It may be a precious stone you love, a colour or a more abstract idea; whatever the case may be we will accompany you during the creative process.

Just share your idea, we will take care of the rest.

The Drawing

Our designers will give you a first visual impression of how your idea will be developed, which than will be perfected thanks to the continuous confrontation between our experts and you, the main character of this Tale.

The Preview

Thanks to the latest technologies, from 3D printing to the best graphic programs, we will be able to show you your jewel before even realising it, this way you will have the certainty that it will match your expectations.

The Realisation

Our exciting journey will take us to the most exciting moment, when you will touch with hands your unique creation, brought to life by the meeting between technology and Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Your satisfaction will be our pride!

Create your jewel

Do you dream of wearing a piece of jewelry created by you?

With Intini you can do it: a drawing, a 3D preview and finally the real jewel will be elaborated from your idea. Find out how to create your own unique jewel.

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