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Turquoise Necklaces

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Natural turquoise necklaces: peculiar designs with an ancient stone

Intini Jewels creates and manufactures turquoise necklaces with an original style and natural functionality as their distinctive trait: the stone, utilised in an innovative way and set in compositions which enhance its intense blue-green tonalities, enlightens the beauty and expressions of the women wearing it.
Our artisans know every secret of the turquoise and work it manually, studying its ancient story and stylistic potential to create jewellery able of showcasing all its magnificence.

Turquoise necklace: combine it with coral and pearls

The unique colour of turquoise stands out even more when combined with other precious stones: choose a turquoise and coral necklace or a turquoise and pearl necklace to eel the natural light of these marvellous precious stones.

Turquoise necklace, a jewel to be wore alone or combined

A turquoise necklace is a jewellery perfect for every woman, in every occasion, thanks to its practicality and its intrinsic elegance: Intini’s turquoise necklaces grant an everyday uniqueness.

Choosing of combining your turquoise necklace with other turquoise jewellery will be the perfect chance of showcasing even more the beauty of its colour nuances. Discover more turquoise jewellery:

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