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How Do You Match Jewelry With Your Outfit?

20 January 2022

How do you match Jewellery with a dress?

We know it gets frustrating to pick the jewelry that perfectly goes with your outfit, particularly in the events where you want to have all the limelight to yourself! A striking jewelry piece, be it a necklace, earring or a simple ring, can help amp up your outfit game and bring all the focus to your final look. Jewelry not only helps with enhancing the final look but also to add that much needed pop of color to your outfit – with a range of colorful gemstones that leave the crowd awestruck with their splendor. It is indeed the crux that makes you stand out in the crowd and it is equally important to match the right jewelry with your outfit. Well, does it sound like a difficult task? Here’s a simple guide from us to make your life a little easier!

Different outfits call for different jewelry

Is working 8 hours in front of a laptop, a highlight of the day for you? If yes, then you most definitely do not need a dangling bracelet or bangles. Would you want your wrist piece to constantly divert your attention from work by tapping on your keyboard? Well, we know the answer is a big NO! If you’re dressing for work, make sure to pick out a decent and a rather subtle bracelet. May be choose a clamper or a tennis bracelet in light colors that go well with formal office wear such as shades of white, beige and blue.

Emeralds Tennis Bracelet

Now, you won’t match the same jewelry piece with an evening dress or even while going to the club on a night out with friends – because every occasion requires a different jewelry to compliment the look. Make sure to pick out a nice pearl necklace with your cocktail dress to carry that ultimate regal look.

Freshwater Pearls Necklace

Jewelry with printed shapes

Wearing a dress with bold and busy shapes today? Match the jewelry with the printed shapes. It is always a good idea to match your necklace or earrings with the shapes of the design printed on your apparel. Going for a dress adorning circular patterns – if yes, circular hoop earrings are the answer to all your jewelry worries. Take out those hoops and rock them with your dress to give off a cool and chic vibe.

Jewelry with busy patterns

Dresses with busy patterns call for simple jewel pieces. Why? Because bold and loud jewelry takes away the noise from such outfits. Choose simple bracelets, necklaces or earrings in solid colors to avoid giving a tacky look to your ensemble. Feel like having all the light to yourself in an event today? Simple jewelry in solid colors is the answer to all your woes!

Emerald Oval Ring

How do you choose earrings for your outfit?

Your dress may look stellar but if you have made the wrong choice of earrings to compliment it, the entire outfit will never have the same effect. The right choice, dear reader, is always a flashy earring that highlights your face and conveys a statement look like no other.

To pick the right earring, start off with thinking about the shape of your face, the color of your dress and the event you are going to. If you are wearing a luxe outfit on a date, go pick a bold earring with dark colored gemstones. Wondering why? Well, bold earrings bring all the attention to your face – Ah, isn’t this what we all want on a date!

Onyx and Rubies Gold Earrings

Make studs your go-to earrings for everyday! Studs give a simple and cute look and what’s even better? They go well with every outfit.

Folks, just one statement jewelry is enough to leave that dazzling impression. Try to pick a type of jewelry that matches your outfit and expresses your style. Save this simple guide to make your jewelry compliment your outfit at the next event on your calendar.

At Intini, we highly believe in making women feel special – for this, we have a vast range of jewelry collection to offer. Book a free consultation now to choose the perfect jewel piece to match your outfit!


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