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Properties and meaning of the Sapphire, September’s birthstone

26 September 2022

September is the time to almost pack up your summer wardrobe as we begin to welcome fall. Oh, and it’s also about time you take out your stash of jewelry adorning the beautiful SAPPHIRE gemstone. Cherished for thousands of years, Sapphire is the birthstone to all the folks born in September. Although it is commonly believed to embody a blue-toned look, you would be surprised to know that Sapphire comes in a rainbow of other colors – from green and yellow to purple and even black. Surprising, isn’t it? There’s even more to this enchanting gemstone which you may not know, read this blog from our experts to find out!

Meaning of Sapphire

The word Sapphire roots from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ which is translated simply as ‘blue’. Sapphires are closely associated with royalty and are believed to be a good source of attracting blessings.

It has all the positive connotations attached to itself – the beautiful gemstone provides protection against negative energies, enables spiritual clarity and calms the mind. In Ancient Persian culture, this stone was known as the ‘Celestial Stone’ and believed to possess unparalleled spiritual powers. Apart from this, Sapphire is also a symbol of loyalty, romance, truth and sincerity.

Did you know? The beautiful gemstone is popular for engagement rings, particularly in the royal family. Well, haven’t we all seen so many ladies from the royal family adorning this beautiful gemstone? (hint, Kate Middleton).

Wait, there’s more! Do you happen to know someone in your circle whose 5th or 45th wedding anniversary is just round the corner? Get them a beautiful jewelry piece nestling Sapphire because it’s a great gift to celebrate the occasion.

Properties of Sapphire

This gemstone is not just all about its magical appearance but the extent of its powerful properties is also all-around! Are you ready to learn about the properties of Sapphire? Hold tight because this blog is about to take you on an exploratory ride.

The Wisdom Stone – each color of Sapphire is believed to encompass a particular wisdom. It alleviates the mind of all the negative associations and brings clarity into one’s life leading to a boost in logic and reason.

A Source of Balance – do you wish to restore balance in your life? Now is the perfect time to get a jewelry piece adorning Sapphire (because Intini Jewels has an on-going sale on all Sapphire jewelry, time to shop yay!). The dazzling stone is believed to restore balance within the body by aligning the physical, mental and spiritual horizons, bringing peace and tranquility in life.

The Stone of Loyalty – green sapphire is popularly known as the ‘stone of fidelity’ because it attracts feelings of loyalty and integrity in relationships.

An Immunity Booster – you’d be surprised to know that this stone is a great immunity booster. It has an all-encompassing effect on human health. From reducing inflammation to supporting bone density, so many beneficial properties of Sapphire have come to the surface making it one of the most favorite gemstones of people all around the world.

A Calming Stone – it is believed that Sapphire helps in reducing feelings of anger and frustration by stimulating communication, intuition, insight, and inspiration. It has the ability to calm your racing mind by releasing endorphins. Quite impressive, right?

Sapphire – Your Zodiac Birthstone

Each Zodiac sign has its own birthstone which enjoys a symbolic presence in the life of its wearer. Are you a September baby wondering about your zodiac birthstone? Well, it’s right here! Just what we’ve been discussing since the beginning of this article! The Virgo birthstone, none other than the stunning Sapphire, is believed to aid the September-born people in their quest for perfection as it allows them to be more observant.

Sapphire and its connection to Virgos is definitely a powerful combo as we have observed while working to produce exceptional masterpieces for our patrons over the years. It promotes personal growth and development of those born in the 9th month of the calendar because when worn, it encourages them to become even more sincere with their relationships.

If you’re on the lookout to buy yourself or your September-born friends the perfect gift, you must check out the Monthly Special Sale at Intini Jewels because we have a realm of beautiful and contemporary designs to amp up your jewelry stash!

Where is Sapphire found?

Sapphires are uncovered mostly from the bottom of dirt sitting both on and above the floor. Now are you wondering about where this blue-colored (mostly) beauty is found? Well, the bewitching gemstone has significant deposits in Kashmir, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, United States, Vietnam, and so many places around the world.

Discover the best Sapphire jewelry

Since 1976, our expert artisans have been working to offer the best jewelry options featuring a realm of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Now that you know all about Sapphire, we can see that you’re eager to get your hands on the most beautiful jewelry pieces featuring the September birthstone. Well, our Monthly Special Sale is one you must not miss out on! From high-end bracelets and rings to uniquely-designed earrings and necklaces, we have everything for you – that too on a 20% sale!

Happy Shopping.

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