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Ruby, July’s Precious Birthstone

11 July 2022

Is it July already? Happy July!

If you’ve been following Intini Jewels closely, you must know that it is now the time of the month for a detailed blog on a special birthstone. For all our July babies, the gemstone of the month is none other than the gorgeous deep red RUBY. Well, who doesn’t love Rubies? We know you all do.

Long associated with royalty, power and wealth, Ruby is one of the most mesmerizing and precious gemstones. The deep red colored stone goes well with almost every outfit and gives off a classically magnificent vibe. Now that summer is in full swing, each one of us has a tight schedule – from travel plans to upcoming weddings and occasions to attend. Want to make a statement with your outfit and accessories? Make sure to add the touch of this splendid gemstone to your overall look. Get yourself a breathtaking piece of ruby earrings or ruby necklaces and benefit from the properties of your birthstone this summer.

Excited to discover the meaning and properties of Ruby? Read along to find more.

Meaning of Ruby

The valuable gemstone got its name from the Latin word ‘Ruber’, which means red. Ruby is synonymous with protection, nobility and fortune. The deep shade of Ruby makes it a sight to behold and continues to exude a powerful yet warm feeling that gets one hooked to the gemstone and its wearer. Ruby possesses the power to promote wellness, love, knowledge, health, and wealth. It improves energy and concentration and promotes feelings of creativity, loyalty and compassion. Oh and did we tell you? It also has the strength to protect and safeguard family, home and belongings.

From China to Greece and Egypt to India, every culture has made relevant folklore associations with this eye-catching gemstone. Both Indians as well as ancient Greeks believed that Ruby held the power to boil water and even melt wax – this proves the relation of the mesmerizing birthstone with fire, heat and purity. Sounds deeply interesting, right? What’s even surprising is the fact that the Chinese still believe Rubies to posses the power to captivate others. The belief clearly aligns with the actual meaning behind the pleasing gemstone that sure gets one hooked to its beautiful presence whenever worn.

Properties of Ruby

The richly colored gemstone does not only have deep meanings associated with it but also nestles in itself, a realm of properties to benefit its wearer. If you’re a July born, consider yourself rather lucky to have this gem as your birthstone for you may enjoy a range of benefits exclusive to Rubies!

  • A source of healing – let the healing powers of this richly-hued gemstone be your source of relief. Ruby promotes healing by eliminating all negative energies from your life.
  • A confidence booster – the deep red gemstone has the capability to instil confidence. It empowers one to feel courageous and take bold steps in life.
  • An energiser – Ruby possesses the power to make you feel energised. It removes feelings of exhaustion and imparts strength. This is because the stone has the ability to attract positive vibes towards itself.
  • A natural detoxifier – let the July birthstone be your source of detoxification today. Yes! Ruby can help you eliminate toxins from your body and blood. It calms the nerves and reduces fever as well as infectious diseases.
  • A safety net – for centuries, Ruby has been called a protective stone. Whoever holds this stone close in the midst of conflict and chaos, they are protected from negative feelings which may potentially harm one’s stance in a fight. It is believed to be a safety net providing physical, emotional and mental safety to its wearer in times of need.

Ruby Zodiac Sign

Let the universe be your guiding principle in life, see how your stars want you to face life-altering challenges. Yes, we are talking about zodiac signs and all related rulings.

It is important to know your zodiac sign because it embraces different aspects of our life in different ways. Now that we’ve come to the topic – did we mention, since you’re born in July your zodiac sign is Cancer? Not only this but your birthstone is the enchanting red gemstone. Yes, we’re talking about RUBY. Shining in all its deep red glory, this gemstone is just what you need to leave everyone in awe of your styling sense.

Our Monthly Special page has a whole collection featuring Ruby jewelry pieces, grab yourself or your July-born friends a piece or two this time! You can also enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on all Ruby pieces – we’re selling out fast so make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing sale.

The Crystal Chemistry Behind Ruby – Some Facts

Ruby is actually an oxide containing traces of chromium which give it a pleasing red color. Rubies make a double refraction, which means that the crystal cuts the light into two directions inside itself. For the same reason, the beautiful gemstone looks differently colored when looked at from two different angles. When looked at from the top, it looks deep red in color but upon being viewed from the side it often gives an orange-ish shade. Ruby is also the third hardest gemstone rating 9 on Mohs hardness scale.

Discover Our Best Ruby Jewelry

Since 1976, Intini Jewels has held the belief to deliver only the finest quality jewels to its patrons. The same belief is reflected in the way we carve and craft innovative designs with expert Italian craftsmanship.

Searching for Ruby jewel pieces with an unmatched class? Look no far because we’re here to add magic to your everyday wearables. Our exclusive range of Ruby Jewelry offers you the best of the best – from chain and deco earrings to luxury brooches and tennis bracelets, we have everything for you! Your hunt for a sparkling Ruby jewel ends here. 15% discount on our Monthly Special pieces today. Sounds like a steal deal, right?

You may also get personalised Ruby jewelry, cherishing your most favourite memory. Get your dream design customised by experts at Intini Jewels – designing from scratch, engraving dates, using your preferred gemstone, and whatnot, we offer every service to get you your unique jewel. Get in touch today, let us work the magic for you!

Happy Shopping.

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