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How to choose your wedding jewelry

1 February 2022

Congratulations on finding your soulmate – but wait, are you looking to choose the perfect wedding jewelry with the wedding outfit of your dreams? Well, congratulations again because you have just landed on the right page. Does choosing your wedding jewelry sound like a daunting task to you? Read on, for our expert accessory stylists have the most amazing advices lined up for you.

Pick what you like

The simplest yet most useful tip is to go with the flow. You do not have to reinvent your style to match with your wedding ensemble – the trick is to just trust your instinct and pick the jewelry you have always wanted to carry on your big day. Remember, going minimal with intricate chokers and diamond studs is always the safest option to flaunt your unmatched grace and elegance.

Matching engagement ring with wedding jewelry

Are you in search of wedding jewelry that matches your engagement ring? Stop right here!

Your engagement and wedding rings, a testament of your eternal union, are simply meant to be worn everyday but it does not necessarily mean that you should perfectly match them with your wedding jewelry. Simply put, if you have a platinum engagement ring you can’t not wear gold on your wedding. There is no specific rule when it comes to picking your wedding jewelry, be open about your choices and just make sure that the jewelry compliments your dream outfit.

Are you thinking about buying rings? Discover how to choose an engagement ring.

Earrings to wear with wedding dress

Earrings play a do or die role to enhance your final wedding day look. Picking the perfect pair of earrings might sound a little intimidating particularly when you are not aware of the designs that go well with certain type of dresses.

From off-the-shoulder to high-neck and to strapless and V-neck, there is a realm of options and inspirations to consider when choosing your wedding earrings. If you’re wearing a strapless neckline, the best choice would be to add a dramatic element to your look with bold and long earrings – we suggest beautiful long diamond earrings with complimenting tennis bracelets that enhance the entire outfit with their glitz. For wedding gown with a high neckline, the single most appropriate choice is to adorn either studs or drop-earrings. 

Why? Because dresses with high necklines put ultimate focus on the earrings to convey a statement bridal look.


Best necklaces for every wedding dress

The general rule of thumb when it comes to wearing a necklace is that it must compliment the neckline. It is very important to pick a necklace that maintains the aesthetics of the wedding gown in its truest essence. Wedding gowns with strapless necklines go best with chokers and collar-length necklaces because anything other than these two would shun the overall look of the outfit.

Boat neck necklines are famous for bringing all the attention to the face – we would not want to divert the attention of the crowd from the bride’s face with a bold neckpiece now, would we? The answer is No.

Well, if you’re wearing a wedding gown with a beautiful boat neck, your most appropriate choice would be a dainty neckpiece with a solitaire diamond.


Bracelet to wear with wedding dress

Whether you are going for an overall flashy or subtle look on your wedding day, there is an array of bracelet choices to pick from. If you’re a bride with a vintage look in mind, your most perfect choice would be a freshwater pearl bracelet that brings the world charm vibe to your outfit. For a classic bridal look, you can never go wrong with solid tennis bracelet embellishing diamonds to give that unmatched sophisticated allure to your wrist. Oh, wait!

Do you feel like adding a pop of color to your dress on the big day? Bracelet with gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby or Topaz would be the right pick. Remember, it is your wedding and there is no right or wrong choice, all you have to do is pick a jewelry piece that compliments your outfit like no other.


Where to buy wedding jewelry

No matter your wedding theme or bridal outfit, there is always a bespoke jewelry piece to go well with your overall look. Whether you’re in search of shining crystals, pearls or intricate details team Intini will have or can make a dazzling piece to compliment your dream wedding dress.

If you have a specific wedding jewelry look in your mind, book an appointment with us.

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