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Pearl – The Timeless Birthstone of June

3 June 2022

Fashion is not just how you wear an article, it’s also mostly about how you choose the right piece to make an iconic fashion statement. It’s what you pick that resonates well with your personality. But one thing must always champion your other styling priorities – the aim to exude an unparalleled charm with utmost grace and class! This, dear readers, brings us to the most graceful gemstone of all time. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Pearl, the beautiful birthstone of June.

Valued frequently for their calming effects, Pearls reflect class and elegance in the truest sense. This dazzling gemstone has all the qualities to leave everyone awestruck. Have you ever wondered what makes it one of the most spectaculars gems of the world? Well, it’s the versatile way in which the glamorous gemstone is created organically. Featuring a rich history, Pearl lets the June babies carry an aura of unrivalled beauty. Now that you can name the birthstone of this month, read along to get a detailed guide on Pearls from the experts at Intini Jewels.


Meaning of Pearl

Pearls have a variety of meanings attached to their beautiful existence, but the most widely held meaning is synonymous with purity and loyalty. Oh, we’re sure you did not know why the brides continue to choose Pearls as their favorite jewelry on wedding day. Yes, it is mostly for this reason as Pearls empower them to make a symbolic statement with their deeply rooted meaning.

Pearls also represent wisdom gained by experiencing life and the events in it. They are well-known for carrying calming effects primarily because of their creation under the calm and serene waters. The presence of this gemstone in one’s life resounds with generosity, protection, integrity, loyalty, and purity. They also have the power to create a stable balance to your Karma.

Wait, did we tell you? Pearls are also a great gift to celebrate the 3rd or 30th wedding anniversary. Do you know anyone who has been in the wedlock for three or thirty years? Now is the perfect time to get them some pearls and rejoice their union!


Properties of Pearl

The birthstone is not only beautiful in appearance but embodies a world of powerful properties to woo its wearers. Get ready now for we’re about to enlighten you with some of the most astounding properties of June’s birthstone which uniquely grows inside the tissue of a mollusk. 

  • A Symbol of Protection – In ancient days, the knights used to wear Pearls believing that the gemstone will help in protecting them. Due to its ability to provide protection, the gorgeous birthstone often symbolises eternal life.
  • A Source of Calm – Pearls are famous for bringing peace into the life of its wearer. It has been seen that wearing Pearls helps with reducing anxiety and restlessness, promoting an aura of serenity and tranquility.
  • A Symbol of Love – To this day, the Greeks associate this breathtaking gemstone with love and purity. Greeks have a regard for their beautiful appearance and continue to use them as a symbol of love and marriage. They believe that Pearls lead to a blissful marriage.
  • A Good Luck Charm – Pearls are often used as good luck charms to ward off evil eye and bad omens. They make a great telltale sign of good vibes and attract all positive notions to the life of its wearer.
  • An Emblem of Purity – Pearls represent all things feminine. Featuring beautiful tones of white, the June birthstone is an emblem of purity, chastity and modesty.


Pearl Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs have a definite impact on our lives. For this reason alone, it is of utmost importance to know your zodiac sign as well as to understand the notions associated with it. Each element of a zodiac sign has a stark impact on the way we live, breath and think so it’s always a great idea to focus on making decisions that align with our signs. You must also possess the knowledge of your specific birthstone to make sure you pick the right gemstone that resounds with your personality!

This brings us to the point, if you are a June born or know someone who was born in this month, your birthstone is none other than the timeless fashion icon – PEARL! Now that we have entered this month, you must grab your favorite Pearl jewelry and make a classy fashion statement. Make sure to checkout Intini Jewels Monthly Special page to level up your Pearl jewlery game. From carved Pearl necklaces to dangle Pearl earrings, we have everything for you.

Where are Pearls found – Some Interesting Facts You Must Know

Let’s first unveil the difference between Natural and Cultured Pearls. To put it very simply, Natural Pearls are formed upon secretion of a substance called nacre by the mollusk when its shell is invaded by sand or parasite. On the other hand, Cultured Pearls are just what we may called ‘a by-product of human intervention’.

Did you know? Over 99% of the Pearls sold today worldwide are Cultured Pearls.

This unique birthstone is born in the lap of oceans and allows its wearer to embrace its powerful properties in the finest manner. At Intini Jewels, we deliver the best Pearl jewelry featuring the most precious natural pearls acquired from the beautiful island nations of  Persian Gulf and to the captivating seas of Australia and Japan.

Discover the best Pearl Jewelry

We are sure you must now be thrilled to explore mesmerizing jewelry options featuring the June birthstone, an all-time favorite, the Pearl. Look no far because the expert Italian craftsman at Intini Jewels have carved the best options for you! Yes, we have got you sorted for your upcoming events. Checkout our dazzling collection of jewelry pieces with Pearls – we’re certain that you won’t be disappointed at all.


Wait, did we tell you? You can bring life to your imagination by opting to get a personalised jewelry piece from Intini Jewels. Let our artisans work their magic and transform your idea into reality. Contact us today!

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