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Amber Pendant Necklace


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Breathtaking necklace in amber embellished with stones of rock crystal and yellow agate, and a peridot knot sustaining a dragon-shaped medallion in mother of pearl.

• 925 golden silver
• Total number of strands 18
• Total length 46 cm

At Intini Jewels we are committed to provide a unique luxury experience, through jewelry designed by us and inspired by beauty and authenticity.

Breathtaking necklace in amber embellished with stones of crystal rock and yellow agate. A unique piece of peridot knot sustaining a dragon-shaped medallion in mother of pearl with an outstanding Italian craftsmanship.

This unique design is inspired by the mediterranean coast landscapes. The orange sand and endless amount of stones that reflect the sun and result in diverse colours and gleam. The tall trees that cool down a hot day with their shade and are known for their white flowers. The carved mother of pearl pendant tells the story of the ancestors who showed themselves to mortals in mythical dragon forms and always came to the earth to teach lessons to the people. This piece is inspired by the beauty of the traditions, beliefs and nature.


Precious Stones

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Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl is the name given to nacre, the substance that lines the interior of some molluscs, chiefly perl oysters and freshwater pearl mussel shells. it is also the material from which pearls are formed. Prized for its iridescence, mother of pearl is used decoratively in jewellery, clothing, architecture and art.


True Amber is around 25-60 millions years old, as it is a tree resin generated from a prehistoric pine that was common in the Baltics and in a few other locations. The Greek word for amber, elektron, is the root for the world electricity, since the ancient masters noted how amber becomes charged when rubbed with fur or wool.


Peridots have been mined for over 3,500 years, and its fantastic green colour has been loved since the times of Cleopatra. Peridots have been found also in meteorites, and are the gift for the 16th year anniversary and for those born in August.

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