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Summer Colours Choker Necklace


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Sea inspired necklace with pink coral, turquoise and rock crystal.

• 925 sterling silver
• Utilised materials: Natural Turquoise, Salmon Red Coral, Rock Crystal
• Total length 46 cm
• Total weight 178 g

At Intini Jewels we are committed to provide a unique luxury experience, through jewelry designed by us and inspired by beauty and authenticity.

Sea inspired necklace with coral, turquoise and rock crystal. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this uniquely designed necklace with natural stones full of life and color. A hawaiian inspirational jewel which will match any beach glamorous outfit.

This design is inspired by the corals of the Australian Great Barrier Reef. A subtle and harmonious jewel. The warm tones of the turquoise and grossularite display a sea morning coated by a sensitivity and soft breeze. The crystal rocks and coral intertwine create a smooth and balanced outfit. The perfect accessory for a sunny and vivid day.


Beads made from Turquoise dating back to 5000 BCE have been found in Mesopotamia, making it one of the first gems to be mined and cut. For most gem uses, turquoise is cut en cabochon. Turquoise is the favourite gemstone for the 11th anniversary, and it is considered a good luck stone.

Rock crystal

Rock Crystal, or hyaline quartz, is the transparent, pure variety of quartz. It is a gemstone loved since the times of Ancient Egypt and Mycenaean, and it considered a universal healing stone, amplifying one’s inner energy and spiritual force.

Red Coral

Coral is the exoskeleton of the marine polyp, and is valued for its toughness and attractive colour. Red Coral is associated with the Taurus sign, represents diplomacy and concurrence. In the classical world, coral was worn as an amulet to protect against the evil eye.

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