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Gifts for Women’s Day

8 March 2022

Women’s day gift: why give her a gift?

There is no better feeling than celebrating all the important ladies in our life. Whether it’s your mum, wife, girlfriend, sister or even your manager at work, team Intini highly believes that she should be appraised for her giving nature. Treating herself with a beautiful gift will surely make an absolute statement about how much you appreciate her mere presence in your life!

Women’s day is yet another great occasion to pamper and celebrate the women in your life. After all, they deserve to be honoured for the sacrifices they make throughout the year. No matter how you choose to make this day extra special for them, don’t forget to add a unique gift to your plan that makes the perfect match with their equally unique personality. Giving gifts on this special day will not only be a great expression of gratitude to the women in your life but will also make them feel valued and loved.

Best Gifts for Women’s Day

Now, are you trying to figure out the best Women’s Day gift for this year? Well, we’ll let you in on a secret. We’ve never really met a woman who said ‘I have enough jewellery to match every outfit’. Here, you got the hint! Get her an impressive piece of jewellery from our non exhaustive collection and win her heart this Women’s Day. Here’s our simple guide on what you may get to WOW her on this special day.

What to give at the women’s day: the most beautiful jewels

From intricate necklaces to solid statement rings, there is something for every woman out there. Exciting, isn’t it?

A Minimal Necklace

Close your eyes for a second and imagine how beautiful a shining blue sapphire light point necklace would look on your partner’s slender neck? A minimalist 18 karat yellow gold necklace paired with a 0.25 carat blue sapphire pendant will definitely make the perfect choice for your partner as Women’s Day gift.

Wait, we just heard you are looking to find a gorgeous neckpiece for your friend.  Consult with our stylists who will help you with picking out the most suitable jewel piece matching their taste and personality – from diamonds and ruby to sapphire and citrine.

A Classic Ring 

Sometimes, there is no better gift option than a classic ring adorning a beautiful gemstone with a charming uniqueness about itself! Delicate and with an overall elegant look, a timeless black diamond solitaire ring will be a ‘made-for-all’ kind of ring to adorn. Black diamonds are rare, just like the woman in your life. Gifting this symbolic masterpiece will sure play its role in celebrating her presence. Wanna make it even more sentimental? You can get a heartfelt message engraved on it to appreciate her womanhood this Women’s day.

Connect with our expert artisans today and personalize your jewel to your lady’s dreams.

A Symbolic Pair of Earrings

We’re sure every woman feels empowered when appreciated for her confident stance with something symbolic. Thinking about a symbolic jewel piece now? Here, we’ve got you covered! A simple pair of black onyx earrings is your answer. Onyx not only stands out because of its charismatic and powerful appearance but is also known to represent a woman’s fearlessness and confidence. Getting a pair of onyx earrings will be the most appropriate choice to acknowledge the undying strength and power of the ladies in your life. Black as the night sky yet equally powerful, this dazzling pair of earrings will definitely leave her awestruck when given as a gift.

A Dainty Bracelet

Bracelets, dear reader, occupy an important space in any woman’s life – after all, they stand out rather beautifully on her delicate wrist. They can be worn casually to the office or even on formal dinners and events to enhance the overall look of the outfit. When paired rightly with an outfit, they help make a style statement like no other jewel piece. For the best Women’s Day gift, we believe, nothing spells womanhood better than a purple faceted Amethyst bracelet. Why? Because the color purple has always remained closely associated with women’s empowerment, paying great respect to her for everything she does throughout the year!

A Vibrant Brooch 

Who doesn’t love styling their ensemble with a brooch? We know most of the ladies do! Wearing a brooch is the perfect way to make an iconic style statement. For her Women’s Day gift, we suggest getting a vibrant full of life type of brooch for your lady that shouts chic yet confident. A vibrant brooch will not only enhance the beauty of her outfits but will also add a colorful tinge of life to her personality. Make sure to check out our beautiful collection of brooches, designed exclusively for the women on your life.

Women, from all walks of life, deserve to be celebrated everyday and that’s why we rounded up these gift ideas to make sure you pamper them this Women’s day. From personalised jewelry options to symbolic yet timeless pieces, Intini has everything that you’ve ever dreamed of for the women in your life and more. Make sure to check out our unique jewelry collection to find the perfect gift for your lady on this special day. For curating the jewel piece of your dreams, schedule a live video-call with our experts and let us do all the magic.

Team Intini wishes everyone a very happy International Women’s Day!

Let’s recognise, honour, and celebrate the women in our life, today and everyday.

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