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Meaning and properties of aquamarine, the Birthstone of March

22 March 2022

For all our folks born in March, a beautiful pale blue-green crystal is the gemstone to be adorned. The dazzling stone bewitches the eye with its unique hues that make sure all heads turn to look at the one who graces their look with an Aquamarine jewel piece. This gleaming blue gemstone has long been an exotic symbol of all things positive – from hope and health to youthfulness and prosperity. The precious blue crystal is often paired with silver or white gold although its muted color tone go remarkably well with other metals at the same time. Aquamarine has a mesmerising color palette ranging from pale to deep blues, leaving everyone awestruck with the variation in its gorgeous appearance.

Often known as the ‘poor man’s diamond’, Aquamarine is one of the forms of beryl – a mineral that exists in bluish to greenish color shades. This gemstone varies in color tones from deep blue to a combination of blue-green consisting of different intensities which mainly occur due to the presence of iron in beryl. The varying shades of the gemstone are definitely the best friends of March babies, carrying an unparalleled aura of class and elegance about them. Well, now that we know about the gemstone for March lads – let’s read along to discover more about the properties and meanings of Aquamarine in all its oceanic glory! 

Meaning of Aquamarine

The name Aquamarine originates from two Latin words, ‘aqua’ which means water and ‘marina’ which means of the sea. Ancient Roman fishermen called this gemstone as ‘water of the sea’ and wore it as a protective stone when going in the sea.

The blue crystal has all the positive beliefs attached to it, making it an absolute favorite of those born in March. Upholding the values of tranquility, serenity, and calm– the blue gemstone is treasured for its never ending properties. The gem Aquamarine is synonymous with transformation, rebirth, loyalty, hope, and purity. The presence of this stone in one’s life resounds with prosperous outcomes in daily affairs.

Oh, did we mention – this is not just the birthstone of March but is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversary. Do you know someone who has been in the wedlock for 19 years? Now, is the time to get them the perfect gift! Surely, an Aquamarine ring or bracelet.

Properties of Aquamarine

This gorgeous gemstone is famous for its spiritual power to provide protection and counteract with the dark moments in one’s life. This birthstone enjoys a realm of associations, all aligning with an astounding range of properties. Buckle up – for we’re now going to dive straight into discovering the properties of Aquamarine, the birthstone of March.

  • A natural healer – Aquamarine possesses the power to heal a person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It creates a balance in all physical, emotional, and spiritual affairs of life.
  • A symbol of peace – This birthstone is believed to invoke the purity of crystal blue waters – bringing the calm and peace of the sea to one’s life.
  • A protective stone – Among its incredible properties is the tendency of the gemstone to bring about an aura of happiness alongside providing protection to its wearer. Aquamarine, in all its bluish glory, is considered as a protective stone.
  • A coping mechanism – Are you a person struggling with anxiety and anxious thoughts? Well, Aquamarine is your gemstone to cope up with all those relentless anxious musings. The stone is drawn as a symbol of courage that helps people with overcoming all kinds of anxiety. Now you know what should be in your style galore to counter those anxious thoughts in public. Relieving, isn’t it?
  • A game-changer – Aquamarine helps in moving smoothly through a transition in life. It has all the cleansing powers to help people overcome their fear of the un known. Do you often find yourself resisting change in life? Use this game-changing blue crystal to fight your fears.

Aquamarine Zodiac Sign

Knowing your zodiac sign is important because they have an astounding impact on your life. When you’re aware of your zodiac sign, you make decisions aligning with the universal knowledge you have about yourself. It is equally essential to know your birthstone and make the right choice when choosing a gemstone jewelry because they have a huge ruling impact on your life with their unmatched properties. Are you a March born looking to connect with the right birthstone of your zodiac sign? Here’s what you need to know! For those with Pisces as their zodiac sign, Aquamarine is the right crystal match. Well, bring the deep healing vibrations of this ethereal blue crystal in your life and make an elegant style statement.

How about a stunning choker with all-natural and rare Aquamarine beads? We’re sure it will make one perfect fit with your cocktail dress.

Discover our best Aquamarine jewelry

At Intini, we move with the idea to bring a whole lot of excitement and magic to your everyday life. Just like that, our  classic range of Aquamarine jewelry is the answer to all fashion woes of our March folks!

Are you hunting for some really charming jewelry pieces gracing your beautiful March birthstone? Hop on our page and check out our endearing collection of Aquamarine jewelry because we have everything – from rings and necklaces to everything in between!

Aquamarine Ring

An impressive clear natural Aquamarine gemstone (34.5 carats) and Diamond statement ring on 18k white gold. This epic statement ring is an outstanding display of color and Italian craftsmanship.

Inspired in the spirit of the sea. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and indians wore aquamarine in amulets carved into talismans. The rectangle light blue shape of the aquamarine represents the endless sea and the triangle shape of diamonds in each side represent the clouds and the sky. Both mixed together in one shape recreate the beauty of the water and wind in a fresh seabreeze, which Italians believe is the main source of beauty and intelligence. This ring was created in honor of Capri, the land of the sun and eternal beauty in Italy.


Discover all our aquamarine rings.

Aquamarine Necklaces

Magnificent natural precious jewellery on elegant 18 karat white gold setting. Marvellous necklace starring pure aquamarine raw rondelles, for a bright charm of uniqueness.

An elegant touch of glamour at your fingertips. Let yourself be tempted by a chic and youthful style.

Timeless elegance for a unique piece multi-strand necklace, featuring precious gemstones of the highest quality, set in a design that enhances the elegance and colour combination of the materials.


Discover all our aquamarine necklaces.

Aquamarine Earrings

Intini Jewels signature quality on a modern and contemporary design jewel. Stunning earrings with three aquamarine rondelles embellished in a 18 karat yellow gold chain.


Discover all our aquamarine earrings.

Aquamarine Bracelet

This bracelet brings to life a classic, youthful and modern outfit. Inspired by Alectrona, the greek goddess of the sun. She was the cause of men waking from their sleep every morning due to her beauty and splendor. Her name comes from the word crystal; shining and iridescent. This piece of jewelry tries to transmit all the power of the greek goddess through its intense colors and radiant beauty. Make any look irresistible and unique.


Discover all our aquamarine bracelets.

Got an idea for a customised Aquamarine jewelry piece? Our team of experts can help you transform it into reality. So, what’s stopping you? Get in touch with us before March is over!

Happy Shopping.

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