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November Birthstones & Facts You Should Know About Them

24 November 2021

November lads! Are you wondering about your birthstone? Well, consider yourself rather lucky because you have two options to wear as your birthstone. Yes, you heard us right! Citrine and Topaz are two lovely options you can adorn and that too, at a cost which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Both gemstones come in an astounding range of colors, giving you multiple choices to go with your outfit. Isn’t it exciting? Having an array of colors in your birthstone to compliment your apparel.

Here’s a quick glimpse on the facts you should know about richly-colored Citrine and Topaz.

What is so special about Citrine?

This beautiful gem is often praised for its dazzling embodiment of autumn hues including tones of orange and yellow. Citrine gets its unique name from the French word ‘Citron’, meaning lemon, which is often elegantly used by craftsman and artisans in jewellry masterpieces. Citrine was associated with positive energy in the ancient times. The alluring gemstone was also known as the ‘gem of success’. If you’re a November baby, jewellery with Citrine stone would be your ultimate choice to convey a statement look!

Some exciting legends associated with Citrine

Citrine does not have one, but multiple legends surrounding it. Some folklore share the common notion that a person who wears this beautiful and appealing stone is protected from evil thoughts. From Greeks and Romans to Egyptians and Indians, groups across the world uphold the belief that this gemstone serves as a source of protection from all kinds of evils.


Topaz – A symbol of love & affection

The second birthstone of November, Topaz is known to symbolically represent love and affection. This beautiful gemstone is a symbol of friendship and is an open expression of fidelity for the one you love. Particularly the Blue Topaz upholds an aura of a realm of positive associations such as strength, loyalty, and intelligence. Is your lover a November born?  Are you confused about what to gift them in November? Now, you don’t have to look so far. A simple yet demure ring or an alluring Topaz earring would do the magic!


A dazzling color palette

Topaz offers a dazzling color palette. From green and yellow to shades of pink and honey-brown, the gemstone gives off an alluring vibe to any and every piece of jewellery it is molded in. Although Topaz is available in a spectrum of color schemes beyond yellow, the signature color for November birthstone stands to be yellow. What’s more? We have an even more interesting fact about Topaz for you! This appealing gemstone is also found as colorless which is then heated to create a blue shade of Topaz. The beautiful blue shade of this gemstone is known to convey a very cool and calm vibe when worn in a ring or ear studs.

Well, now you know about the two beautiful birthstones of November. If you’re a November baby or know someone who was born in this month – go get a Citrine necklace or a Blue Topaz oval shaped ring. The two stones make a wonderful pair and when crafted into beautiful jewellry, they sure give a look of royalty to the one who truly embraces the essence of these birthstones! Want to get a demure jewel piece adorning these birthstones? Drop team Intini an email or visit our store and let our team of superior artisans work their magic.

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