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Properties and meaning of the diamond, the April birthstone

21 April 2022

Perhaps the rarest gift for an April-born is none other than everyone’s absolute favorite and the most precious gemstone. Yes, you assumed it right! We are talking about the most magical gemstone today, more commonly known as Diamond. Praised frequently for its grandeur and unparalleled beauty, diamond is among the most unique gifts of nature to those born in the month of April. Believed to be a symbol of romanticism for years, this dazzling gemstone has transpired many unions in the most memorable manner. Diamonds have a magnificent vibe about them, which sure leaves everyone mesmerized and brings the limelight to its wearer. With so much to learn about this magical birthstone, we have penned down all the juicy details that you must know before getting the perfect gift for your loved ones born in April. Follow along for an enlightening blog on this extraordinary gemstone.

Meaning of Diamond

The exceptionally strong gemstone, Diamond, gets its name from the Greek dictionary. The word Diamond comes from the Greek word ‘Adamas’ which means ‘invincible’ or ‘unbreakable’. It is because of its strong physical abilities that this gem has long remained a symbol of eternal love. It is the most sought-after gemstone of the world and is exceptionally famous for its timeless charm. Oh, and did we tell you? Diamonds also get their name rooted from the word ‘Diaphanus’ meaning transparent. The invincible gemstone has mystical powers of healing, cleansing and balancing. For this reason alone, it is believed to bring clarity and strength in one’s life.

For one to express his or her undying love, we believe, there is no better choice than to get a beautifully cut diamond adorning a ring, bracelet or even a necklace.


Properties of Diamond

Are you wondering much about the eccentric properties of diamond? Well, there’s not one but a load of them to ponder over. We consider our April folks rather fortunate to have diamond as their birthstone – for this precious gem has much more to offer apart from its visually appealing influence and bewitching beauty. We have listed all the fascinating properties of diamonds for you to read. Tag along with us in this article and roll up your sleeves to learn more about the most adored gemstone of the world, an absolute favorite of the lot, the diamond!

  • A Healer – Is it often that you feel unable to cope up with the ongoing sensory overload? Well, your answer to living a relaxed life lies in wearing a diamond. This beautiful gemstone has all the properties to cleanse and eliminate negative energy from one’s life and restore the mind, body and soul.
  • A Symbol of Love – do we even have to say this? The sparks of diamond reflect an internal inferno, making it the most obvious symbol of love. The strength of this beguiling gemstone empowers it to become the best symbol of love there is.
  • A Tonifier – Did you know? People in the East place a diamond in the glass of water and gulp down that drink in the morning as a heart tonifier. In Hinduism, it is believed that the vibrations of this gem help heal the body organs – especially the heart and head.
  • An Energy Amplifier – Well, get ready to get that boost of energy when you rock this rock! This gem has the quality to make your inner soul shine as it attracts all the positive vibes the universe has to offer.
  • A Stabilizer – Diamond has the ability to stabilize all your affairs as it resorts to inculcating a balance in life. It strives to create a sense of balance in you and your surroundings, allowing you to perform well in every ordeal.


Diamond and Zodiac Sign

It is of utmost importance to know your birthstone to manifest in the power of the universe. These birthstones undoubtedly have a ruling impact on our lives because they carry properties which must align with our zodiac sign. Whether you’re born in January or December, there is a zodiac sign you must be well aware of so that your decisions are well in line with its known attributes. Now that we have got your attention – You, our dearest April folk, must know that your zodiac sign is Aries and Diamond is your birthstone. Let this magical gemstone traverse into your life with its remarkable properties and leave a beautiful mark. Indulge in the exclusive diamond collection of Intini Jewels and get yourself your favorite jewel piece – from Tennis bracelets to premium diamond studded earrings, we have everything to help you look enchanting!


Crystal Structure of Diamond

To be quite simple, the crystal structure of a diamond is face-centered cubic, which means each carbon atom combines with four other carbon atoms in triangular prisms to compose a diamond. Based on this combination, the diamond crystals develop into different shapes called ‘diamond habits’ but regardless of the combination or arrangement of these carbon atoms, diamonds continue to be strong and rigid or what one must say, invincible. Here’s why this gemstone is considered to be the most precious!


The crystal structure allows diamond to be the strongest gemstone. You will be surprised to know some diamond tipped saws are used for cutting some extremely tough materials like stones and metals. Some diamonds are believed to be centuries old but the atomic bonding has molded the gem in a way that empowers it to bear the intense heat and pressure of the Earth. Eye-opening, isn’t it?


Have you ever wondered why diamonds are so hard? Well, the molecules in the rock are so close that they end up making a rigid crystal structure. For a fact, diamonds are rated 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which illustrates the scratch resistance of certain minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. Dear readers, this is certainly the reason why demand is nearly scratch-proof.


Diamonds are indisputably a timeless embodiment of all things beautifully elegant! This dazzling gemstone has remained the object of desire for centuries, mainly because of its ability to be truly special. For years, the world has seen diamonds to be treasured family heirlooms, iconic style statements and a symbol of romanticism and eternal love. The enchanting glow of this stone is not ordinary because it takes years to form and a thorough process to come up on the surface of Earth.

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