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Properties and meaning of the Emerald, the May birthstone

13 May 2022

Shining in its all-green glory, the magical birthstone of May creates a beautiful concoction of class and elegance when nestled in a jewel piece. Yes, we’re talking about the dazzling Emerald! This precious stone has long been associated with tales of undying love, loyalty and integrity. The gemstone sure fulfills its promise of enhancing the look of its wearer – from casual meetings to formal dinners and everything in between, there is not an event where the magic of this gemstone does not prevail. Birthdays in May fall right in the middle of Spring, making Emerald the perfect gem to celebrate this month.

Meaning of Emerald

There is a whole world of meaning associated with Emerald. In the Indian Sanskrit, this stone denotes ‘the green of things that grow’ whereas in the Persian dictionary it means ‘green stone’.  Now, what does this mean? The beautiful stone embodies all the powers of lush green pastures that bring peace to its wearer. This gorgeous gemstone has great healing powers and symbolises all things positive including love, truth, growth, future, youth and hope.

Properties of Emerald

May-born folks are lucky to have this gemstone as their birthstone because there are so many properties of Emerald that they can benefit from. Is it often, dear reader, that you ponder over what this beautiful gemstone can offer you? Well, look no far because this article will tell you everything you must know!

  • Emerald has the power to provide a better vision to its wearer, evoking the intuition to awaken the internal capacity of an individual to foretell the future.
  • The dazzling gemstone promotes feelings of friendship and love to create an aura of equality among partners.
  • Emerald helps in the restoration of mind, body and spirit. Its unparalleled healing properties allow individuals to cleanse the mind and make peace with the spirit.
  • Emerald also enables one to gain wisdom and improve their intellectual power. The exquisite gemstone ignites the creative spark of individuals and allows them to be creative.
  • Associated closely with love and devotion, this beautiful gemstone showers its wearer with love and faithfulness.


Emerald Zodiac Sign

Have you ever tried pondering over how your zodiac sign has a ruling impact on your life and important events? We know the answer is most certainly a YES! A zodiac sign has a lot to say about a person’s personality and attitude. The impact of zodiac sign on each individual is immense – for this reason, it is of utmost importance to know your zodiac sign. Let’s now dive into knowing and exploring the zodiac sign of May-born babies. Taurus is the zodiac sign and Emerald is the birthstone of May. Let the magic of this beautiful gemstone cast a beautiful spell on your life. Get your hands on a fine range of emerald jewelry pieces at Intini Jewels. From studs to necklaces, we have it all.



Crystal Structure of Emerald

Like all precious stones, Emerald has a unique hexagonal crystal structure. The six sided crystal often emanates star-shaped rays from inside, giving it an enchanting glow. The rich green color in the crystals is present due to the traces of chromium or vanadium in the crystalline lettuce.


The hexagonal crystal structure makes the rich green gemstone as strong as possible. Unlike diamonds, the grading scale of natural Emeralds and their strongness is based on their ancient pedigree. Emeralds are not at all fragile – making them the best jewelry fit for all sorts of occasion.


Have you ever thought how Emerald appears to be staunchly rigid? Well, it is because this beguiling gemstone has a hardness of about 7.5 on a 10-point Mohs scale. It is no secret that this precious gemstone has a strong scratch resistance.


Do we even have to say this? The beautiful gemstone has a bewitching aura about it, making it an absolute symbol of elegance. Emeralds have been treasured for their beauty and elegance for so many years. The breathtaking glow of this gemstone is extraordinary, making it an epitome of grace and sophistication.

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