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Valentine’s Day Jewelry

7 February 2022

Valentine’s day jewelry gifts: what to choose?

If you, dear fella, have found yourself luckily engrossed in a beautiful love affair then what better occasion to celebrate your beloved than Valentine’s Day? Now is the perfect time to express your love by celebrating your beloved. Valentine’s is the most appropriate time of the year to appreciate your partner by showering them with love in the shape of a memorable gift. We know you have always opted for a bouquet flowers with a box of heart shaped chocolates to celebrate your love but now is the time to choose a gift that lasts forever – a beautiful and intricate piece of jewellery. Unlike wilted flowers and melted chocolates, a gift in the form of a jewel piece will convey a romantic statement which your partner will fully cherish even when the Valentine’s Day has passed.

When it comes to picking the right jewelry for your partner, we know there is a world of choices to choose from. From rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets, there are so many options available. But the right pick is always the one that not only reflects your thoughtfulness and deliberation but also aligns with the personal style of your better half. We, at Intini, know our way well around the multiple jewelry styles that will drive that WOW reaction from your partner this Valentine’s. Follow along to make the right Valentine’s Day Gift choice for your love this year.

Best Valentine’s day jewelry to wow your partner

Yes, we wholeheartedly agree to the idea that there are countless ways to express your love for your partner but honestly, nothing really does the trick better than a finely crafted quartz necklaces. Imagine your partner’s delicate neck adorning an intricate piece of green heart pendant necklace, does it sound dreamlike? Well, we know it does.

Do you, dear reader, often see your precious love more invested in beautiful set of earrings or rings? If yes, the best gift to wow them is a heart shaped ruby ring or ruby earrings that exudes an otherworldly charm and expresses your undying love and passion for your partner.


Earrings & Necklaces for Valentine’s Day as a perfect token of love

Have you been looking for that perfect token of love in the shape of earrings or necklace for your partner? Worry not, for our expert team at Intini, has arrived to your rescue. Our special valentine’s edition comes with a realm of choices in earrings and necklaces, which your partner will continue to cherish in the coming years. Enjoy our special offer on Carnelian heart necklace this Valentine’s and gift your partner a telltale sign of your lasting love. Or how about celebrating your love with a lovely set of quartz crystal earrings? We assure you, dear reader, a breathtaking set of Crystal earrings will most definitely amaze your dearest this Valentine’s Day.


Rings & Bracelets for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bracelet? A dreamlike bracelet sitting on your Valentine’s wrist will surely make them feel loved and cherished. From simple and sleek designs to large statement bracelets, Intini has an array of wrist pieces in store for your beloved. While purchasing a bracelet to adorn your partner’s wrist, carefully consider the event you want them to deck this piece on. If you’re looking for a bracelet they can wear everyday, the answer is simple – get them a simple chain bracelet.

Do you often see a collection of rings sitting on your lover’s fingers? If yes, a beautiful ring is what you should get them as a token of your love this Valentine’s. Rings have long been the greatest symbol of love and passion. For Valentine’s Day, we suggest a simple band ring which will enhance the everyday look of your partner. The key to finding the ideal ring for your partner is considering their regular style first – if their usual style jumps around gemstones, a solid stone ring will most definitely make them the happiest.

Not sure about the ring size? Read our article about how to measure your ring size.

Couple jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Have you considered getting a set of Couple’s pendant for you and your partner? With so many styles and pieces to choose from, you can share the perfect romantic look with your beloved.

From puzzle pieces to intertwined hearts, a little search will help you find the right style for you both. You know the best part of Couple’s Jewellery? One piece will never be complete without the other. Matching bracelets, interlocking rings, lock and key charms, and personalised engravings – the world is yours to choose from! These beautiful jewel pieces not only look convey a style statement but also serve as a strong symbol of love for each other.

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Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Her

Togetherness is a beautiful place to be at! Imagine, for a second, surprising your love with a gift she will treasure forever. Does the visual makes your eyes twinkle with adoration? If the answer is yes, dear reader, you have landed yourself deeply in throes of unparalleled love and passion. This Valentine’s, build a strong connection with her and get her a bewitching jewel piece. Gift her a beautiful turquoise bracelet. If she’s not a bracelet person, fret not! Make sure to check our earlier suggestions and choose the perfect Valentine’s Day jewel for her!


Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Him

We know you’ve long moved past the traditional Valentine’s Day gift options for him. This time, let’s take a bolder step and gift him a classic jewel piece that gracefully goes well with his persona! Unlike all other gift options, jewellery is the only choice which will last forever. A timeless and sophisticatedly classic stainless charm bracelet will surely make him swoon this Valentine’s. Engraved pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, and rings, conveying a romantic message will long serve as a symbol of the beautiful bond you share whenever worn by him. Sounds oddly romantic? We thought so!

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