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Carats vs. Karats – All You Need to Know!

5 April 2022

Carats vs Karats

Is it often that you get confused between Carat and Karat? We know that the answer is most certainly a big YES! Here is a detailed guide for you to understand the difference between the two with all the things you must know before purchasing the jewelry you have been eyeing all along.

What is a Diamond Carat?

Are you on the lookout for the most important quality of a diamond? Well, it is a Carat. Abbreviated as ‘ct’, carat is a measure of the diamond’s physical weight. This unit of weight represents one-fifth of a gram, equaling to about 200 milligrams.

What are the Carat Sizes for Diamonds?

1 Carat Diamond

Romanticized frequently in literature, a 1 carat diamond is the most popular among the brides to be all over the world. Weighing approximately 200 milligrams, this specific size of diamond resonates with beauty and elegance. Searching for a good diamond size for an everyday diamond ring?  A 1 carat diamond is what you should be buying!

2 Carat Diamond

A 2 carat diamond is yet another real piece for an eye candy illustrating class and unmatched splendor. Although the surface area of each shape of a 2 carat diamond may vary but it always weighs about 400 milligrams. A 2 carat diamond is quite manageable and reflects all the desired visual properties clearly.

3 Carat Diamond

To express your love in a striking manner, get your hands on a magnificent 3 carat diamond! This relatively large size of diamond makes a dramatic statement as a center stone in a jewelry piece. A 3 carat diamond weighs about 600 milligrams or 0.6 grams and is found in various shapes, giving a sparkling look to the jewel piece.

4 Carat Diamond

It is truly a sight to behold when a 4 carat diamond is out in the open, indeed a very rare find! Having a substantial carat weight, this rare diamond has an astonishing capacity to carry a sparkling and brilliant look. Weighing approximately 800 milligram, a 4 carat diamond ring is an impressive jewelry choice to adorn on important events and evenings. 

5 Carat Diamond

Are you in search of a diamond that will make your loved one feel absolutely treasured? Look no far, a 5 carat diamond is just what you need! Equaling one gram, this striking diamond often weighs heavier than an average diamond used for engagement rings. While they are definitely on the more expensive side, 5 carat diamonds are definitely here to impress and make all heads turn!

6 Carat Diamond

With an extraordinary size, a 6 carat diamond stone makes for a dazzling solitaire. Often preferred to be worn as a pendant or an imposing diamond ring, a 6 carat diamond weighs about 1.2 grams or 1200 milligrams. As a matter of fact, the most common diamond shape is a round billion diamond, having a diameter of approximately 11.7.

7 Carat Diamond

The actual size of a 7 carat diamond varies depending upon the cut as well as its shape. Weighing around 1400 milligrams, this stone is twice as big in size as a 1 carat diamond. The approximate size of a 7 carat diamond is an astounding 12.34 x 12.34 x 7.5mm., which is quite a large size for a gemstone.

What are Karats in Gold?

Karat is the unit that measures the purity of gold. Molded in bars, coins, and beautiful jewelry pieces, gold is out in the market in different karats but one thing is for certain – the higher the karat, the purer the gold. Like Diamond, Gold is also available in different karats. Read along to understand what we mean by different karats of Gold!

9 Karat Gold

Most commonly known as the lowest karat of Gold, 9 karat gold is an alloy that contains only 37.5% of pure gold while the proportion of other metals is 62.5%. The low composition of Gold here is often evident from the appearance of red color of the Copper mix on 9 karat Gold. If you are after a low price Gold jewelry, 9 karat Gold will make a great choice!

18 Karat Gold

Praised for its longevity and durability, 18 karat Gold contains about 75% of pure gold. Due to its purity, this karat of Gold is considered to be highly suitable for creating beautiful studded and diamond jewelry. Having a gorgeous warm yellow look makes it the perfect choice for wedding rings, watches, brooches, and similar jewelry pieces.

24 Karat Gold

The purest form of gold is the 24 karat Gold with about 99.99% of pure gold and without any trace of other metals. It comes in a distinct bright yellow color that allows a 24 karat Gold jewelry to stand out among other karats of gold. Since it has the highest purity, this form of Gold is the most expensive.

How to Identify 24 Karat Gold?

Wondering how you can check the purity of your 24 karat Gold? Well, apart from the stamp on the gold, there are many ways to test its purity.

  • Check if there is a noticeable discoloration because pure gold is never discolored
  • Since 24 karat Gold is a very soft metal, it won’t easily bend or change shape
  • Conduct a magnet test because pure gold will never pull towards magnet
  • The safest and the most reliable method is to conduct an acid test by scratching gold on a black testing slab and seeing the change in color (if any) upon pouring the nitric acid on it

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How to Measure Carats in Gemstones?

It gets rather confusing to weigh the gemstones because some gemstones are listed in millimeters while others in carats. Why is that? It’s mainly because unlike Diamonds, the gravity of each gemstone differs from the other.

Gemstones are correctly measured by millimeter size such as 4*6mm or 5*7mm. This allows for a uniform size despite the difference in weight – for instance a 4*6mm Sapphire will look the same in size as a 4*6mm Amethyst, no matter what their weight is!

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